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Reports draw on our expertise and original research findings to take an in-depth look at issues relevant to government policy.

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The changing geography of jobs

This report examines the way in which ‘hollowing out’ and other labour market trends have shaped the economic geography of the UK.

13 November 2023

Bank of England

Green Budget 2023

The Chancellor is in a fiscal bind as low growth and high debt interest payments limit any room for manoeuvre in the forthcoming Autumn Statement.

17 October 2023

The treasury

Policy risks to the fiscal outlook

Pressures on both revenue and spending are skewed to add to borrowing over the next few years, and threaten the ‘centrality’ of official forecasts.

17 October 2023

Treasury building

Outlook for the public finances

In the current environment of high inflation and rising interest rates, tax cuts at the upcoming Budget would be extremely difficult to justify.

17 October 2023

Interest rate graphic

UK Outlook: Fallout

The UK economy remains stuck between weak growth on the one hand and the risk of persistently high inflation on the other.

17 October 2023

Apprentice using saw

Investment in training and skills

The UK has seen a significant decline in investment in adult education and training. This chapter analyses how the skills system should be reformed.

12 October 2023

London houses

Reforming inheritance tax

We set out issues with the inheritance tax system and examine options for reform and the distributional impacts of reforming or abolishing the tax.

27 September 2023

Report cover

Large business tax disputes

Are avoidable disputes arising between businesses and HMRC and why do delays occur between the opening and closing of enquiries.

14 September 2023