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Our goal at the Institute for Fiscal Studies is to promote effective economic and social policies by better understanding how policies affect individuals, families, businesses and the government's finances.
Gas hobs
New analysis shows how much an increased energy cap - to £2,800 - could impact inflation for different households.
Child playing with educational toys
"There is much to do to get childcare policy right, but let’s not mix it up with sorting out the present cost-of-living crisis." Paul Johnson writes for The Times.
Young child entering school with parent
Early education and childcare can have a critical impact both on helping children to develop and in supporting parents (especially mothers) to work. But childcare can also have a significant impact on the disposable income – and, hence, living standards – of families with very young children.
In this report, we examine the spending patterns of current retirees in the UK.

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The Treasury is set to lose billions of pounds in tax revenue from motorists as they shift to electric vehicles. This episode looks at the implications, and options for the government to recoup this.
As poorest households spend more of their total budget on gas and electricity, we now see inflation hitting the poorest households harder.
"For all the talk about labour shortages driving up low pay, the legacy of the pandemic may be greater earnings inequality."
The government is restarting ‘managed migration’, the process under which those still receiving legacy benefits or tax credits move to universal credit.
They might not know it yet, and it is likely to pass the rest of us by entirely, but for more than two and half million families, today is a very big day.
Paul speaks to Ben Waltmann and Ivor Crewe to understand recent reforms to the student loans system and think about how students, taxpayers and universities will be affected.