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In trying to help you to find what you’re looking for on our website, we have curated content in a way that - we hope - will help you find it easily.

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All of our research is categorised by topic area, such as ‘Education and skills’ or ‘Taxes and benefits’. You can find these topics from the top menu on the website. From here you can either go directly to that topic page or browse all topics further. From both of these areas you also have the opportunity to further refine by selecting a ‘tag’ from the ‘Focus on’ option. Adding more than one tag, for example  ‘Trade’ plus ‘Investment’ will bring back results that include either of those terms.

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Browse all of our work by content type under 'Research and analysis'

From the top navigation bar under 'Research and analysis' you select to browse all of our research output, including reports, working papers and journals. You can either click through to view all of our research outputs or select a specific content type, for example a working paper. You can then refine further by selecting a topic or year.

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Search is available throughout the website. The results are prioritised according to search term and year. You can also refine by identifying topic, tag or year from the search results page.

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If you are interested in the work of a particular researcher, you can also search for them by name. You can then further refine by using additional filters, like topic.

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