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Help us to inform and improve government policy and public debate through high-quality, independent research.

In the run-up to a UK general election, join IFS and get invaluable insight into the public and economic policy debate.

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IFS has earned its place as the most respected and influential independent institution informing and shaping economic and fiscal policy in the UK. We are entirely neutral of political parties, companies, individuals and pressure groups. In elections, we act as a public referee and we hold parties to account when numbers don’t add up or policies are less than transparent.
Our corporate membership scheme has been operating with huge success for several decades, providing our members with analysis, insight and return on investment.
With an election almost in sight and serious economic challenges ahead, our rigorous research and independent voice are needed more than ever to help policymakers understand the impact of their choices on businesses, households and public finances.
Join over 30 businesses that attend members-only events and receive tailored, specialist briefings from IFS experts.
Membership starts at £6,000 + VAT per year and includes exclusive private briefings for your business to understand the economic landscape, helping you to navigate the turbulent environment of a UK general election successfully.
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Membership provides insight and crucial information to help businesses plan their activities and influence policy debates. Join the IFS to demonstrate the value of unbiased, data-driven research in shaping the policies that govern how we live and work.