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Objective analysis of economic policy is more important now than it has ever been.

With an election upon us and serious economic challenges ahead, our rigorous research and independent voice are needed more than ever to help ensure policy is focused on the real needs of the economy and the country.

Members help to ensure that both government and opposition are held to account for the promises they make and that policymakers understand the full impact that their choices will have on businesses, households and public finances. 

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Unlike others, we do not have a large endowment fund to underpin our work. It is the support of our members that enables us to respond swiftly, accurately and forcefully to political and economic developments, shed light on events in the news and speak truth to power.

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IFS has earned its place as the most respected and influential independent institution informing and shaping economic and fiscal policy in the UK.

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Supporting us with a monthly donation helps us to plan our responses to political events more effectively.

Over the past year, we have continued to build on our success at shaping the policy agenda and have played a vital role in informing the media’s coverage of the big economic issues of the day.

We have produced influential commentary and rigorous analysis on the government’s fiscal events, the cost of living crisis, education spending, disability and benefits provision, and much much more. We are currently conducting a landmark project on inequality: the IFS Deaton Review.

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