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Savings, pensions and wealth

Our work examines how and why people accumulate wealth - such as in housing, pensions and other assets - and how they use it over their working life and in retirement. We also analyse decisions about retirement and the impact of pensions and saving policy on incomes, saving and retirement decisions.

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Savings after retirement

Working Paper
We discuss the empirical strategies used to differentiate the motivations behind the 'retirement savings puzzle.'

5 December 2022

Downing Street

Mini-Budget 2022 and follow-up

Analysis of the government's tax and spending plans - and follow-up - announced as part of the mini-Budget.

17 October 2022

Emergency ambulance

Public spending, pay and pensions

The public sector pay settlements announced this July will pose severe budgetary challenges for many areas of government.

8 October 2022

Police officers

The future of public sector pensions

We sit down with one of the architects behind the current public pensions system and discuss whether it is sustainable or needs further reform.

13 July 2022