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Savings, pensions and wealth

Our work examines how and why people accumulate wealth - such as in housing, pensions and other assets - and how they use it over their working life and in retirement. We also analyse decisions about retirement and the impact of pensions and saving policy on incomes, saving and retirement decisions.

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Private pensions explained

How do private pensions work? How are defined benefit and defined contribution pensions different? And what about 'pension freedoms'?

23 March 2023

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The gender gap in pension saving

We document disparities in pension incomes and pension saving between men and women in the UK, and analyse the drivers behind these gaps.

8 March 2023

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The Pensions Review

The Pensions Review assesses what pensions policy and the economic environment mean for future retirees’ living standards, recommending reform options

22 February 2023

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Private pensions explained

We explain how private pensions work in the UK, how pension incomes have changed over time and what 'pension freedoms' mean for pension saving.

6 February 2023