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Health and social care

This work analyses the financing, organisation and the demand for health and social care. It studies how much the UK spends on health and social care, specific policies that affect the delivery of care, workforce issues, health inequalities and a wide set of determinants of demand for health and social care in the UK and in low and middle income countries.

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Pay compression in the NHS (and beyond)

Since 2010, more experienced and higher-paid workers in the NHS have experienced the largest pay cuts. This has compressed the pay distribution.

1 June 2022

COVID test

Health and social care: what are the challenges after COVID?


What are the likely pressures on the NHS going forward - not just from COVID-19, but also from an ageing population? How much funding might be needed to meet these? And will the government's latest reforms really be enough to 'fix' social care?

22 November 2021

Jean Tirole

The common good after COVID

This week, we bring you this year's IFS annual lecture delivered by Professor Jean Tirole, Honorary Chairman of the Toulouse School of Economics.

17 November 2021

IFS WP2021/38 Breastfeeding and child development

Breastfeeding and child development

Working Paper
We show that children who are born at or just before the weekend are less likely to be breastfed, owing to poorer support services at weekends.

25 October 2021