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Presentations given at IFS and external events can be found here. Some will include video footage of the event.

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A photo of the UK parliament from above

Green Budget 2023

The IFS Green Budget assessed the state of the UK economy and the government's fiscal position as attention turns towards next year's election.

17 October 2023

A photo of adults in a classroom

Reforming training and skills policy

In this online event we presented the findings of a new report focused on England's approach to investment in training and skills.

12 October 2023

HM Treasury

Fiscal risks and sustainability

This online event, jointly organised by the OBR and IFS, focused on two particular fiscal risks facing the UK.

28 September 2023

Row of houses

Reforming inheritance tax

At this online event we examined options for, and distributional effects of, the reform of inheritance tax.

27 September 2023

UK bank notes

NI’s funding and spending

This presentation looks at the NI Executive’s funding and spending – is it enough and can it be reformed?

19 September 2023

Aerial view of Scottish Parliament

What are the options for devolved funding?

This presentation looks at the issues and options for the Scottish Government’s funding, arguing that radical change requires reform in England too.

19 September 2023

Birmingham city council

A forward look on finance

This LGA 2023 Annual Conference presentation sets out the broad economic and fiscal context and the funding and policy outlook for local government.

5 July 2023

A jar of coins and an alarm clock

Launch of the Pensions Review

On 20th April the Pensions Review, led by the Institute for Fiscal Studies in partnership with abrdn Financial Fairness Trust, was launched.

20 April 2023

A photo of Worcester College, Oxford

IFS residential conference 2023

This conference, sponsored by CIOT, looked at the taxation of top incomes and asked how the system could be made more rational and effective.

30 March 2023