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Presentations given at IFS and external events can be found here. Some will include video footage of the event.

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Future of the welfare state


This talk was given by Paul Johnson at Tony Blair Institute for Global Change's Future of Britain conference.

1 July 2022

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Early childhood inequalities


The environment that children are raised in, and their development of cognitive, and social and emotional skills affect the subsequent trajectory of their lives. Inequalities between children in these domains open up very early in life.

23 June 2022

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Adult education: making it a genuine second chance


This event examined the potential role that adult education can play in providing a genuine second chance, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds or who leave school with few formal qualifications. IFS researchers set out the planned reforms in the context of recent changes to learner numbers and funding, as well as the likely impact of planned reforms given the details and evidence base.

13 June 2022

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How does spending change through retirement?


At this event, IFS researchers presented the findings of new research on the spending patterns of current retirees. Following this, Carolyn Jones, Head of Pensions Policy and Strategy at the Money and Pensions Service, gave a response to the findings of the report.

19 May 2022

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Tax and top incomes


The source of top incomes, who gets them and how they are taxed is important for understanding inequalities. How have top incomes and their source been changing over time? Who is in the top 1% - are they employees, or business owners or rentiers? How much tax do the top pay and should they pay more?

7 April 2022

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Spring Statement 2022: IFS analysis


Chancellor Rishi Sunak responded to the OBR's latest economic and fiscal forecast on Wednesday 23 March. IFS researchers presented their initial analysis of the Chancellor's announcements on the public finances at a live-streamed press briefing the following day.

24 March 2022

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Inequality in the labour market


The availability of work with good wages and conditions makes a big difference to our material wellbeing and the kinds of lives we lead. At this online event we looked at what has been happening to inequalities in the UK’s labour market, and what the big policy challenges are going forward.

15 March 2022

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A look ahead to the Spring Statement


At this event, IFS researchers will set out their latest assessment of the economic and fiscal backdrop and some of the challenges that the Chancellor will need to consider.

10 March 2022

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Challenges for levelling up


At this event, IFS researchers put the Levelling Up White Paper in context by outlining the current pattern of taxes and public spending around the country and presenting new work that looks at geographic inequalities in labour market outcomes.

4 February 2022

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Spending Review 2021 and the wider funding outlook


In this presentation at the Local Government Association's Annual Local Government Finance Conference (2022), IFS researchers explained the economic and fiscal outlook, looked at how councils' finances have fared during the pandemic, and the funding outlook and issues facing the sector in the next few years.

13 January 2022