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Presentations given at IFS and external events can be found here. Some will include video footage of the event.

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Major economic challenges: Climate change


This is the second in a series of online events looking in detail at the three major economic challenges identified by the Tirole-Blanchard Commission, featuring presentations by Christian Gollier and Mar Reguant.

14 September 2021

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Major economic challenges: Inequality


This is the first in a series of online events looking in detail at the three major economic challenges identified by the Tirole-Blanchard Commission, featuring presentations by Stefanie Stantcheva and Dani Rodrik.

13 September 2021

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Taxation and housing: How do we get the relationship right?


How does the taxation of housing fit into how we analyse other taxes and the tax system as a whole, and what can we conclude about how it should be reformed? This was a Keynote Presentation given at the Tax Research Network Annual Conference, at Aston University and online, on 9 September 2021.

9 September 2021


Why do wealthy parents have wealthy children?


At this event, IFS researchers presented the key findings from their latest report on "Why do wealthy parents have wealthy children?", funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

8 September 2021

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How should platforms and gig economy workers be taxed?


The ‘gig economy’ has grown and risen up the policy agenda in recent years. The associated growth in people working through their own businesses and in work happening through platforms highlights difficult questions about when to have boundaries in the tax system and where to put them.

23 June 2021

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When should people save for retirement, and how do they?


At this event, researchers shared findings from two new reports, examining when individuals should save for retirement – given factors like earnings growth and children – and how employees save in practice.

11 May 2021

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Scottish tax, benefits and public spending - what's happened and what do the parties propose?


For the first time, and co-funded by the Scottish Policy Foundation, the Institute for Fiscal Studies published a range of Scottish Election Briefing Notes on tax, benefits and public spending, and the parties plans for the coming parliamentary term. We presented the main findings of our analysis ahead of the election at a live webinar, in partnership with the University of Glasgow.

26 April 2021

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Spring Budget 2021: IFS analysis


IFS researchers presented their initial analysis of the Chancellor's announcements on the public finances, spending on public services, and the tax and the benefit system on Thursday 4 March at an online briefing.

4 March 2021

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Nurse retention and long-run NHS workforce challenges


Pay is an important lever in attracting and keeping staff, but is subject to tight regulations within the NHS. At this event, we explored the findings of new IFS work looking at the flexibility of the current pay system and its ability to address differences in the local cost of living across the country.

24 February 2021