This two day conference was held in London on 5th and 6th October 2023. It featured 13 presentations, which can all be downloaded above.

Presentations included:

  • Jo Blanden (University of Surrey): Intergenerational mobility of women across working ages: the role of partnership, participation and dual-working households
  • Uta Bolt (University of Bristol & IFS): Gender Attitudes and Later Life Outcomes
  • Sarah Cattan (IFS): First generation elite: the role of school networks
  • Eric French (Cambridge University & IFS): The Intergenerational Elasticity of Earnings: Exploring the Mechanisms
  • Limor Golan (Washington University): What Accounts for the Racial Gap in Time Allocation and Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital?
  • Lance Lochner (Western University): Child skill production: Accounting for parental and market-based time and goods investments
  • Hamish Low (University of Oxford & IFS): Fertility and Family Labour Supply
  • Aruni Mitra (University of Manchester): Consumption and Income Inequality Across Generations
  • Joseph Mullins (University of Minnesota): Designing Cash Transfers in the Presence of Children's Human Capital Formation
  • Mariacristina De Nardi (University of Minnesota & IFS): Measuring health and its inequality and economic implications
  • Cormac O’Dea (Yale University & IFS): Who benefits from retirement saving incentives in the US?
  • Aureo de Paula (UCL & IFS): Mobility in Socio-emotional Skills
  • David Sturrock (UCL & IFS): Wealth, gifts and estate planning at the end of life