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Savings after retirement

Working Paper
We discuss the empirical strategies used to differentiate the motivations behind the 'retirement savings puzzle.'

5 December 2022

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The impact of health on labour supply near retirement

Journal article

Estimates of how health affects employment vary considerably. We assess how different methods and health measures impact estimates of the impact of health on employment using a unified framework for the US and England.

19 January 2021

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End-of-Life Medical Expenses

Working Paper

In this review, we document end-of-life medical spending: its level, composition, funding, and contribution to aggregate medical spending. We discuss how end-of-life expenses affect household behavior and economic evidence on the efficacy of medical spending at the end of life. Finally, we document recent trends in health and chronic disease at older ages and discuss what they might imply for end-of-life spending and medical spending in the aggregate.

12 December 2018

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Who Receives Medicaid in Old Age? Rules and Reality

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Medicaid is a government programme that also provides health insurance to the elderly who have few assets and either low income or catastrophic health care expenses. We ask how the Medicaid rules map into the reality of Medicaid recipiency, and we ask what other observable characteristics are important to determine who ends up on Medicaid.

7 March 2018

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The long-term effect of health insurance on near-elderly health and mortality

Journal article

We use the best available longitudinal data set, the Health and Retirement Study, and a battery of causal inference methods to provide both central estimates and bounds for the long-term effect of health insurance on health and mortality among the near-elderly (initial age 50–61) over a 20-year period.

28 July 2017