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Consumption and prices

Our work in this area looks at how consumers respond to price signals and other incentives to change their borrowing, saving and spending behaviour, as well as how different households' welfare is affected by inflation and changes in indirect taxes.

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Downing Street

Mini-Budget 2022 and follow-up

Analysis of the government's tax and spending plans - and follow-up - announced as part of the mini-Budget.

17 October 2022

Houses of Parliament

IFS Green Budget 2022

Policy analysis from our IFS Green Budget 2022, funded by the Nuffield Foundation and in partnership with Citi.

11 October 2022

Big Ben

IFS Green Budget 2022

The IFS Green Budget 2022 takes stock of the economic and fiscal outlook following Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-Budget and analyses the challenges ahead.

11 October 2022

London housing estate

Future of the welfare state


This talk was given by Paul Johnson at Tony Blair Institute for Global Change's Future of Britain conference.

1 July 2022