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NI’s funding and spending

This presentation looks at the NI Executive’s funding and spending – is it enough and can it be reformed?

19 September 2023

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What are the options for devolved funding?

This presentation looks at the issues and options for the Scottish Government’s funding, arguing that radical change requires reform in England too.

19 September 2023

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IFS response to UK Shared Prosperity Fund


It is disappointing that the UK government has ‘taken back control’ only to stick to an arbitrary, poorly designed, out-of-date funding allocation mechanism.

13 April 2022

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Spending Review 2021 and the wider funding outlook


In this presentation at the Local Government Association's Annual Local Government Finance Conference (2022), IFS researchers explained the economic and fiscal outlook, looked at how councils' finances have fared during the pandemic, and the funding outlook and issues facing the sector in the next few years.

13 January 2022

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IFS Green Budget 2021


The IFS Green Budget looks at the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the Chancellor aims to secure a lasting recovery and deliver on the Government’s other objectives and priorities.

12 October 2021

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A clearer path?


David Phillips in the Municipal Journal on the need for clarity on local government funding in the upcoming Spending Review.

7 October 2021

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Updated projections of Scotland's fiscal position - and their implications


While there is still much uncertainty, we now project Scotland’s budget deficit in 2020–21 to have spiked at between 22% and 25% of national income, up from 8.6% of national income in 2019–20, although less than our previous projection. It is also still higher than a forecast deficit of 16% of national income for the UK as a whole for the same year.

29 April 2021