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Savings, pensions and wealth

Our work examines how and why people accumulate wealth - such as in housing, pensions and other assets - and how they use it over their working life and in retirement. We also analyse decisions about retirement and the impact of pensions and saving policy on incomes, saving and retirement decisions.

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The dynamics of male retirement behaviour

Journal article

This paper uses data from the two waves of the UK Retirement Survey to present a detailed descriptive analysis of the retirement behaviour of older men.

1 May 1998

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Housing assets and savings behaviour among the elderly in Great Britain

Working Paper

The study, using the 1988-89 Retirement Survey in Britain: (i) estimates expenditure on housing relative to income for the sample aged 55-69, (ii) simulates optimal housing/consumption allocations for a simple life cycle model and (iii) examines the relationship between 'excess' holdings of housing, financial dissaving and other portfolio behaviour subsequent to retirement.

1 January 1995