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We continue to make advances in developing models and methods to study the dynamic behaviour of individuals and firms, the structure of the education, labour and marriage markets, and their implications for policy design and evaluation.

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Identifying the effect of persuasion

Working Paper
This paper examines a commonly used measure of persuasion whose precise interpretation has been obscure in the literature.

14 December 2022

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IV Methods for Tobit Models

Working Paper
This paper studies models of processes generating censored outcomes with endogenous explanatory variables and instrumental variable restrictions.

3 October 2022

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Narrative restrictions and proxies

Working Paper

We compare two approaches to using information about the signs of structural shocks at specific dates within a structural vector autoregression (SVAR): imposing ‘narrative restrictions’ (NR) on the shock signs in an otherwise set-identified SVAR; and casting the information about the shock signs as a discrete-valued ‘narrative proxy’ (NP) to point-identify the impulse responses.

6 April 2022