Alleyway in low or middle income country

International development

Our work on international development studies labour markets, infrastructure, health and education systems and public finances in low and middle income countries. We use field experiments, survey and administrative data and theory to examine the effects of policies on individuals and firms as well as on aggregate outcomes.

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IFS WP2021/32 Feed the children

Feed the children

Working Paper
We conduct an experiment to understand the household decision-making process regarding food expenditures for children in poor households in Nairobi.

5 October 2021

Nairobi Kenya

'Green' motor taxation: issues and policy options in sub-Saharan Africa


Taxes can be used to better align the private costs and benefits of motoring with the social costs and benefits. This report sets out some key issues and policy options for ‘green’ motor taxes in SSA. It provides an overview of the principles of motor taxation, describes the policy context in SSA, and discusses the potential for policy options that could improve existing tax systems in the region.

13 September 2021