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Education and skills

Our work on Education and Skills aims to understand what matters for the healthy development of children, from infancy to young adulthood. It tracks education spending in various stages of education and assesses the effectiveness of government policies at improving children’s outcomes and inequalities therein.

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How can we fix the childcare system?

With headlines about underfunding and staff shortages dominating the airwaves, we explore how to fix the childcare system and how to fund it.

16 June 2022

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Adult education: making it a genuine second chance


This event examined the potential role that adult education can play in providing a genuine second chance, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds or who leave school with few formal qualifications. IFS researchers set out the planned reforms in the context of recent changes to learner numbers and funding, as well as the likely impact of planned reforms given the details and evidence base.

13 June 2022

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Adult education: the past, present and future


In the last decade, there have been significant cuts to spending on adult education and large falls in the numbers of adult learners, particularly amongst those taking low-level qualifications.

13 June 2022

Kids in childcare

The changing cost of childcare


We discuss how the cost of childcare has changed over time, and how it varies across the country and between different types of families.

20 May 2022

Lecture Hall

The future of student loans

In this episode, we look at the government's student loan reforms and think about how students, taxpayers and universities will be affected.

4 May 2022

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The impact of student loan minimum eligibility requirements


We consider who would be affected by each of the proposed MERs, and then assess whether the introduction of a minimum eligibility requirement is likely to achieve the government’s stated aim of ensuring that ‘students undertaking degree study have attained the baseline skills required to engage with and benefit from the course’.

27 April 2022

School classroom

The even longer squeeze on teacher pay

In this observation, we analyse how government proposals will affect levels of teacher pay in England and their overall affordability for schools.

11 March 2022