The IFS is launching a new research project, led by CPP Director Imran Rasul and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), on economic opportunities across racial and ethnic groups in the UK.

The project, headed by Imran Rasul and co-led by Monica Costa Dias and Lucinda Platt, aims to transform understanding of economic inequalities within, and between, the UK’s ethnic minority groups.

The project will establish new, authoritative and policy relevant evidence by considering inequalities across five interlinked areas, namely: 

•    identity 
•    education 
•    experiences of the criminal justice system 
•    employment 
•    wealth 

The economics of race and ethnicity is one of six new research projects funded by the ESRC as part of an overall £12.1 million investment. Stian Westlake, ESRC Executive Chair, commented that these projects "are a great example of how the ideas and inspiration of social science researchers can help shape our thinking on long-term societal challenges.”

Find out more about the project here

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