Marriage, partnership and cohabitation

Marriage, partnership and cohabitation

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Child playing with blocks

Families and inequalities

Families play a key role in nurturing, socialising and supporting children. Britain has seen marked changes in partnership and parenting behaviours.

28 July 2022

Busy office

Women and men at work

We look at the differences between men and women in all activities that can be labelled as ‘work’.

6 December 2021

IFS WP2021/32 Feed the children

Feed the children

Working Paper
We conduct an experiment to understand the household decision-making process regarding food expenditures for children in poor households in Nairobi.

5 October 2021

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International differences in interspousal health correlations

Journal article

Using objective measures of lung function, we document strong positive associations in health within couples in all European countries but large and significant differences in this correlation within broad European regions, with Southern Europe having by far stronger correlations than elsewhere.

1 May 2021