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The changing geography of jobs

This report examines the way in which ‘hollowing out’ and other labour market trends have shaped the economic geography of the UK.

13 November 2023

Working paper cover

Firms as tax collectors

Working Paper
We show that delegating tax collection to large firms can help build tax capacity in weak-enforcement settings.

31 October 2022


How do firms impact inequality?

In this video, John Van Reenan takes us through the latest research on firms in the UK - and looks at their impact on inequality.

16 June 2022

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Firms, market power, innovation and inequality

Event 3 March 2022 at 09:30
Firms are at the centre of our economy: they make the things we buy, set prices, invent new things and provide jobs. They also differ widely in their size, their productivity, their innovativeness, and the wages and conditions they offer. This event will address a number of key questions regarding firms and inequality.