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Race and ethnicity

This chapter considers inequalities across ethnic groups in the United Kingdom and finds that there is no single story of advantage or disadvantage.

14 November 2022

Nairobi Kenya

'Green' motor taxation: issues and policy options in sub-Saharan Africa


Taxes can be used to better align the private costs and benefits of motoring with the social costs and benefits. This report sets out some key issues and policy options for ‘green’ motor taxes in SSA. It provides an overview of the principles of motor taxation, describes the policy context in SSA, and discusses the potential for policy options that could improve existing tax systems in the region.

13 September 2021

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A survey of the Ghanaian tax system


In this report, we provide a comprehensive overview of Ghana’s tax system. This is intended as a repository of key information for researchers, policymakers and the public, as well as highlighting aggregate patterns of note as a first step for identifying challenges and areas for reform.

25 May 2021

The UK’s reduction in aid spending


In this briefing note, we review what this shift in policy means for overall aid spending, effective management of the aid budget, and the broader public finances.

12 April 2021

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A Level Economics is a gateway to the economics profession


The economics profession – and the current student population studying economics – is not representative of society, with women, some ethnic minorities, and state school students underrepresented. Recent data shows that while more than 7% of private school boys who went on to an undergraduate degree were studying economics, this was true of less than 1% of state school girls.

14 January 2021

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Ethnic diversity in UK economics


In this briefing note, we examine the ethnic diversity of academic economists who provide much of the research that ultimately feeds into policymaking. We use data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) to look at which groups are more or less well represented as academic economic researchers.

26 October 2020

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COVID‐19 and ethnic inequalities in England and Wales

Journal article

This paper examines the pre-existing and new inequalities between ethnic groups in England and Wales exposed by the economic and public health crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic. We draw on current mortality and case data, alongside pre-crisis labour force data, to investigate the relative vulnerability of different ethnic groups to adverse health and economic impacts.

3 June 2020