How does family background shape outcomes in the UK today, and how should policy respond?

At this in-person event, IFS researchers shared findings from ESRC-funded research on social mobility and its drivers. The day consisted of three sessions covering the following themes: 

What drives social mobility in the UK today? Featuring Uta Bolt (IFS/University of Bristol), David Sturrock (IFS/UCL), Jo Blanden (University of Surrey), Sam Friedman (LSE), and Karen Rowlingson (University of York)

What is the role of the bank of Mum and Dad and housing markets? Featuring Bee Boileau (IFS/UCL), Peter Levell (IFS), Anthony Breach (Centre for Cities), Ian Mulheirn (Resolution Foundation), and Tom Clark (Prospect)

How should intergenerational transfers be taxed? Featuring David Sturrock (IFS/UCL), Dan Goss (Demos), Emma Chamberlain (Pump Court Tax Chambers), and Polly Toynbee (The Guardian)

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