Each year at IFS we recruit talented economists. We specialise in the microeconomic analysis of public policy, bridging the gap between purely academic research and issues of practical policy design or evaluation. Working at IFS gives people the opportunity to carry out in-depth economic research and communicate findings to politicians, journalists, academics and others such as campaigning groups and professional organisations.

We are always looking for passionate full-time and part-time research economists, post-doctoral fellows, graduate scholars and summer students.

At this virtual recruitment event, open to all, we offered an opportunity to meet current IFS staff, and ask questions about life at IFS and our recruitment process. We explained what a day as an IFS researcher looks like, what projects we work on, what areas of research we cover, opportunities for further study, career goals and careers our staff have moved on to.

Those interested can find more information about jobs at IFS here: https://ifs.org.uk/jobs