Spending Review 2010

Published on 20 October 2010

After each Autumn Statement, Budget and Spending Review, we publish analysis of the Chancellor's proposals and reforms.

Briefing and analysis

On Wednesday 20 October the Chancellor set out the government's spending plans for the years 2011-12 to 2014-15. IFS held a briefing to present our analysis of this report on the following day, Thursday 21 October. Presentations from the briefing can be found below.

Briefing presentations

Background to the Spending Review

Public finances

Welfare benefits

Public-service pensions

  • In an IFS observation Public-service pensions: more reform needed we look at Lord Hutton's interim report on public service pensions and suggest key issues to consider when future reforms are recommended.
  • IFS Working Paper Occupational pension value in the public and private sectors examines the average value of pension accrual in the public and private sectors and what impact an across-the-board increase in the normal pension age from 60 to 65 might have.
  • The value of teachers' pensions in England and Wales, a Fiscal Studies journal article, examines in detail the value of pension provision to teachers in the public sector in England and Wales, comparing pension accrual under both the pre- and the post-2007 schemes.
  • In What is a public sector pension worth?, published in The Economic Journal, we measure accruals in defined benefit (DB) pension plans for public and private sector workers in Britain, using typical differences in scheme rules and sector-specific lifetime age-wage profiles by sex and educational group.


Emergency Budget June 2010

Our analysis of the Emergency Budget examined the impact on public finances, public services, welfare, business and the distribution of wealth.

Election 2010

Our analysis for the election looked at Labour's record and at the parties' proposals. The work was funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

Green Budget 2010

The IFS Green Budget 2010 assessed key questions that then Chancellor Alistair Darling had to confront for the March 2010 Budget. The areas covered are fiscal policy, fiscal stimulus and the consumer, options for fiscal tightening: tax increases and benefit cuts, public spending and the public finances, public sector pay and pensions, support for research and innovation, potential cuts to public services and reforming the UK's fiscal institutions. Published in collaboration with Barclays Capital and Barclays Wealth, the Green Budget also discusses the UK's productive capacity, the economic outlook and the public finances and sterling.