Budget 2014

Published on 10 March 2014

After each Autumn Statement, Budget and Spending Review, we publish analysis of the Chancellor's proposals and reforms.

Chancellor George Osborne delivered his Budget on Wednesday 19 March. On Thursday 20 March the Institute for Fiscal Studies held a lunchtime briefing at The Building Centre, Store Street, London.

Presentations slides from the event

Carl Emmerson and Paul Johnson presented to BBC journalists in advance of the Budget 2014: the presentation slides Budget 2014: don't forget austerity... are available here.

A recent observation by IFS researchers assesses new announcements on the Tax Free Childcare scheme: No new money, yet more generous support for childcare.

Green Budget 2014 analysis and presentation slides

The IFS Green Budget 2014, funded by the Nuffield Foundation with support from the ESRC through the Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy at IFS, was published on 5th February. The document and slides from the launch are available here. In particular, the analysis includes chapters looking at:

  • Public finances: the long road ahead
  • Public finances: risks on tax, bigger risks on spending?
  • The squeeze on incomes