Election Special: Is there a 'conspiracy of silence' between both parties?

Published on 6 June 2024

In this episode, we discuss the tight fiscal situation after the next budget, and also look at how the education system is faring.

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The last few days have seen plenty of competing claims about tax rises, but very little discussion of the very tight fiscal situation facing the next government. What problems will they face? Can growth ride to the rescue?

Also in this episode, we explore what's happened to the education system, from funding and teacher pay, to falling pupil numbers and the impact of COVID.

Zooming In: discussion questions

Every week, we share a set of questions designed for A Level economics students to discuss, written by teacher Will Haines.

1. Explain how higher economic growth may help to improve government finances.

2. Pay across the economy has risen by 18% in real terms since 2001 whilst teacher pay has not experienced a real terms increase. Outline the impact of this on a supply and demand diagram for the market for teachers.

3. Discuss the potential impact on income inequality of the finding that 37% of disadvantaged pupils are now recorded as 'persistently absent' from school.