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IFS response to UK Shared Prosperity Fund


It is disappointing that the UK government has ‘taken back control’ only to stick to an arbitrary, poorly designed, out-of-date funding allocation mechanism.

13 April 2022

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Spending Review 2021 and the wider funding outlook


In this presentation at the Local Government Association's Annual Local Government Finance Conference (2022), IFS researchers explained the economic and fiscal outlook, looked at how councils' finances have fared during the pandemic, and the funding outlook and issues facing the sector in the next few years.

13 January 2022

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A clearer path?


David Phillips in the Municipal Journal on the need for clarity on local government funding in the upcoming Spending Review.

7 October 2021

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Scottish tax, benefits and public spending - what's happened and what do the parties propose?


For the first time, and co-funded by the Scottish Policy Foundation, the Institute for Fiscal Studies published a range of Scottish Election Briefing Notes on tax, benefits and public spending, and the parties plans for the coming parliamentary term. We presented the main findings of our analysis ahead of the election at a live webinar, in partnership with the University of Glasgow.

26 April 2021

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Budget 2021: the road to recovery?

In this episode, we explore what the Chancellor should be thinking about as he prepares his first Budget since the UK entered a series of lockdowns.

24 February 2021

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COVID-19 and councils: impacts, responses and recovery


The COVID-19 crisis has been a perfect financial storm for councils, pushing up spending and hitting local income streams. This event explained how the COVID-19 crisis has been affecting local finances and economies, how councils have been responding, and key issues for the next few years as we seek to recover.

9 November 2020

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The cost of adjustment: emerging challenges for the UK economy

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All indications point to only a thin trade deal (if any) with the European Union after the Brexit transition period ends in December. Despite over four years passing since the referendum, many of the associated economic costs still likely lie ahead. The shock from Brexit will affect different sectors from the COVID shock, meaning that Brexit is likely to cause additional economic pain even as the economy recovers from the virus-driven downturn.

13 October 2020

Outlook for the public finances

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the public health measures implemented to contain it will lead to a huge spike in government borrowing this year. We forecast the deficit to climb to £350 billion (17% of GDP) in 2020–21, more than six times the level forecast just seven months ago at the March Budget. Around two-thirds of this increase comes from the large packages of tax cuts and spending increases that the government has introduced in response to the pandemic. But underlying economic weakness will add close to £100 billion to the deficit this year – 1.7 times the total forecast for the deficit as of March.

13 October 2020

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IFS Green Budget 2020: Challenges for the Spending Review and levelling up

Event 2 October 2020 at 11:00 <p>Please see above for details on how to watch this event online.</p>
The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, faces a difficult balancing act at this year’s Spending Review. At this event, IFS researchers will present the findings of two chapters of the forthcoming Green Budget, addressing the big questions around the 2020 Spending Review and ‘levelling up’.