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Nurse retention and long-run NHS workforce challenges


Pay is an important lever in attracting and keeping staff, but is subject to tight regulations within the NHS. At this event, we explored the findings of new IFS work looking at the flexibility of the current pay system and its ability to address differences in the local cost of living across the country.

James Buchan (Senior Visiting Fellow, Health Foundation) then examined the longer term challenges faced by the NHS in finding sufficient nursing staff to meet the sharply rising demand for healthcare, and potential policy solutions to this challenge. 

You can watch the full event below, or download the slides here:

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This report examines the effect that variation in the cost of living has on the labour supply of existing nurses in NHS acute trusts. Retention of nursing staff within the NHS is a key policy issue. Pay policy – and the ability that trusts and nurses have to react to local working conditions and ...
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Improving the retention of NHS staff has been a long-term policy challenge, and will be of even greater importance in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. A new report by researchers at the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Imperial College London, as part of the National Institute for Health ...