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Go beyond the 24-hour news cycle and get objective, independent analysis from the researchers behind the work. Hosted by Institute for Fiscal Studies Director, Paul Johnson. Tune in every other Wednesday.

This podcast has been made possible with support from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), through the IFS 'Impact Acceleration Account'.

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An image of a sunny country road

Budget 2021: the road to recovery?

In this episode, we explore what the Chancellor should be thinking about as he prepares his first Budget since the UK entered a series of lockdowns.

24 February 2021

An image of a child being taught on a laptop

Catching up on lost learning

What are the effects of lost learning during Covid? How is it impacting students and teachers? What can policymakers do to make up for lost learning?

10 February 2021

An image of wind turbines

The economics of net zero

This week we discuss the UK's commitment to achieving net zero by 2050, and the significant changes that will be required.

27 January 2021

An image of a person shopping for food

Prices in a crisis

What do economists mean by inflation, how do they measure it, and is inflation the best way of understanding the changes in the price of goods?

17 November 2020

An image of twenty pound notes in a pile

Counting the cost of COVID-19

In this episode we look at how big government borrowing could get as a result of Covid-19 and what the long-term impacts will be.

15 October 2020

An image of children drawing

Childcare during the pandemic

The closures of childcare providers to most families during the COVID-19 crisis have underlined the importance of access to childcare.

9 September 2020