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Go beyond the 24-hour news cycle and get objective, independent analysis from the researchers behind the work. Hosted by Institute for Fiscal Studies Director, Paul Johnson. Tune in every other Wednesday.

This podcast has been made possible with support from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), through the IFS 'Impact Acceleration Account'.

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Private Jet

How to tax the rich?

We talk non-doms, offshore trusts, capital gains and wealth taxes in a quest to answer the question: how should we tax the wealthy?

24 February 2023

Nurses striking

The state of the NHS

In this episode, we take a look at the state of the NHS across a range of areas.

8 February 2023

20 pound notes

Are we in a new era of austerity?

This week, we speak with Gemma Tetlow, Chief Economist at the Institute for Government, and Carl Emmerson, Deputy Director at IFS.

24 November 2022

Police officers

The future of public sector pensions

We sit down with one of the architects behind the current public pensions system and discuss whether it is sustainable or needs further reform.

13 July 2022

Children playing

How can we fix the childcare system?

With headlines about underfunding and staff shortages dominating the airwaves, we explore how to fix the childcare system and how to fund it.

16 June 2022

Lecture Hall

The future of student loans

In this episode, we look at the government's student loan reforms and think about how students, taxpayers and universities will be affected.

4 May 2022