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Go beyond the 24-hour news cycle and get objective, independent analysis from the researchers behind the work. Hosted by Institute for Fiscal Studies Director, Paul Johnson. Tune in every other Wednesday.

This podcast has been made possible with support from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), through the IFS 'Impact Acceleration Account'.

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Jean Tirole

The common good after COVID

This week, we bring you this year's IFS annual lecture delivered by Professor Jean Tirole, Honorary Chairman of the Toulouse School of Economics.

17 November 2021

London in smog

Can carbon taxes get us to net zero?

What policies should governments worldwide introduce to combat climate change? How should carbon taxes be designed to be cost-efficient and fair?

3 November 2021

An image of a girl raising her hand in a classroom

How to fix the education system

In this episode, we dig into the issues facing schools and their students and see what we can do to fix the education system.

22 September 2021

An image of two women talking

Social care: what happens now?

In this episode we dig into the new announcement on social care funding, what it means, whether it will work and how it will affect people's care.

15 September 2021


Behind the scenes at HM Treasury

How does decision-making work at the Treasury? What kinds of evidence do officials use? We speak to two experts to find out.

30 June 2021

An image of someone operating an angle grinder

The productivity problem

In this episode, we ask why is a high-tech, developed economy like the UK struggling to be more productive?

24 March 2021