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Women and men at work

We look at the differences between men and women in all activities that can be labelled as ‘work’.

6 December 2021

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Job opportunities during the pandemic


We address questions around vacancies and labour shortages by bringing together fine-grained data on the demand and supply sides of the labour market

21 September 2021

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The impact of health on labour supply near retirement

Journal article

Estimates of how health affects employment vary considerably. We assess how different methods and health measures impact estimates of the impact of health on employment using a unified framework for the US and England.

19 January 2021

Family time use and home learning during the COVID-19 lockdown


The COVID-19 school closures forced children and parents to make unprecedented changes to their daily routines. Including the summer holidays, most children will have had a five-and-a-half-month break from physically attending school by the time they returned in September.

21 September 2020