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The Economic Journal

Price floors and externality correction

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We evaluate the impact of a price floor for alcohol introduced in Scotland in 2018, using a difference-in-differences strategy with England as a contr

31 January 2022

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Price floors and externality correction

Working Paper

We study the introduction of a price floor for alcohol that is aimed at correcting for negative consumption externalities. Policy effectiveness depend

20 November 2020

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Prices in a crisis

What do economists mean by inflation, how do they measure it, and is inflation the best way of understanding the changes in the price of goods?

17 November 2020

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How Well Targeted Are Soda Taxes?

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Soda taxes aim to reduce excessive sugar consumption. We assess who are most impacted by soda taxes. We estimate demand using micro longitudinal data covering on-the-go purchases, and exploit the panel dimension to estimate individual specific preferences. We relate these preferences and counterfactual predictions to individual characteristics and show that soda taxes are relatively effective at targeting the sugar intake of the young, are less successful at targeting the intake of those with high total dietary sugar, and are unlikely to be strongly regressive especially if consumers benefit from averted internalities.

6 August 2020

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Could restricting junk food advertising reduce obesity?


Reports suggest that the government is planning on introducing new measures to tackle obesity, including a ban on television advertising of food and drink products that are high in fat, sugar or salt before the 9pm watershed.

27 July 2020