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IFS recruitment event 2021

Event 19 October 2021 at 18:00 <p>Please see above for details on how to watch this event online.</p>
We are always looking for passionate full-time and part-time research economists, post-doctoral fellows, graduate scholars and summer students. This is a great opportunity to meet us, and ask question about life at IFS and our recruitment process.
IFS WP2021/24 How much does degree choice matter?

How much does degree choice matter?

Working Paper
This paper investigates variation in returns to different higher education ‘degrees’ (subject-institution combinations) in the UK.

11 August 2021

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The impact of health on labour supply near retirement

Journal article

Estimates of how health affects employment vary considerably. We assess how different methods and health measures impact estimates of the impact of health on employment using a unified framework for the US and England.

19 January 2021

2020 annual report on education spending in England


In our annual series of reports on education spending, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, we bring together data on education spending per student across the life cycle and provide analysis about the major issues facing different sectors.

3 November 2020

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Resource challenges facing further and higher education


Further and higher education providers face severe resource challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. At this event, IFS researchers and panellists Philip Augar and Mary Curnock Cook analysed these challenges.

3 November 2020