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The menopause "penalty"

Working Paper
We estimate the effect of menopause diagnosis on employment and earnings, reliance on social safety net programs, and demand for medical care.

18 March 2024

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The health impacts of Sure Start


Over the last two decades, Sure Start Children’s Centres (and their predecessors, Sure Start Local Programmes) have been one of the most important policy programmes in the early years in England. These centres operate as ‘one-stop shops’ for families with children under 5, bringing together a range of support including health services, parenting support programmes, and access to childcare and early education.

16 August 2021

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The economic costs of child maltreatment in UK

Working Paper

In this paper we quantify for the first time the economic costs of fatal and non-fatal child maltreatment in the UK in relation to several short-, medium- and long-term outcomes ranging from physical and mental health problems, to labour market outcomes and welfare use.

27 July 2021

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Prenatal and Infancy Nurse Home Visiting Effects on Mothers: 18-Year Follow-up of a Randomized Trial

Journal article

We conducted an 18-year follow-up of 618 out of 742 low-income, primarily AfricanAmerican mothers with no previous live births enrolled in an randomized clinical trial of prenatal and infancy home visiting by nurses. We compared nurse-visited and control-group women for public-benefit costs, rates of substance abuse and depression, and examined possible mediators of intervention effects.

1 December 2019

Gabriella Conti

Gabriella Conti awarded the Nick Hales Award


IFS Research Fellow Gabriella Conti has been awarded the Nick Hales Award by the International Society for Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD).

27 June 2019

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Developmental origins of health inequality

Working Paper

Building on early animal studies, 20th-century researchers increasingly explored the fact that early events – ranging from conception to childhood – affect a child’s health trajectory in the long-term. By the 21st century, a wide body of research had emerged, incorporating the original ‘Fetal Origins Hypothesis’ into the ‘Developmental Origins of Health and Disease’.

26 June 2019

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Report reveals benefits of Sure Start


Our research looks at the impacts that Sure Start had on children’s health during their primary school years from its start in 1999 and its peak in the late 2000s.

10 June 2019