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Human capital development and parental investment in India

Journal article

We estimate production functions for cognition and health for children aged 1–12 in India, based on the Young Lives Survey. India has over 70 million children aged 0–5 who are at risk of developmental deficits.

6 November 2020

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Wages, Experience and Training of Women over the Lifecycle

Working Paper

We investigate the role of training in reducing the gender wage gap using the UK-BHPS which contains detailed records of training. Using policy changes over an 18 year period we identify the impact of training and work experience on wages, earnings and employment.

29 April 2019

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Cluster randomised trial of the effects of timing and duration of early childhood interventions in Odisha – India: Study protocol

Working Paper

Many children in developing countries grow up in unstimulating environments, leading to deficiencies in early years’ developmental outcomes, particularly cognition and language. Interventions to improve parenting in the first 3 years of life have a clear impact on these outcomes, but the sustainability of effects is mixed, particularly for scalable interventions. There is little evidence of the effect of following-up an early life intervention with another one immediately afterwards. The objective of this study is to help fill this gap.

21 March 2019