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Social mobility and wealth

Conference12 December 2023 at 10:30Church House Conference Centre, London, SW1P 3NZ
At this in-person event, IFS researchers will share findings from ESRC-funded research on social mobility and its drivers.
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Where next for the state pension?

Event13 December 2023 at 10:00via Slido and YouTube
At this online event, IFS researchers will present findings from a major new report on the future of the state pension in the UK.

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CIOT/IFS Debate: Should the government introduce an online sales tax?

Event10 May 2022 at 19:3010-11 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AH
The government is consulting on whether to introduce an online sales tax to pay for a reduction in business rates. Would that be a good idea? How might it work in practice, and what would be the effects on businesses, consumers and the high street? Join our expert panel for a lively debate on this topical issue.
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Tax and top incomes

Event7 April 2022 at 14:30
The source of top incomes, who gets them and how they are taxed is important for understanding inequalities. How have top incomes and their source been changing over time? Who is in the top 1% - are they employees, or business owners or rentiers? How much tax do the top pay and should they pay more?
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Spring Statement 2022: IFS analysis

Event24 March 2022 at 10:15
Chancellor Rishi Sunak will respond to the OBR's latest economic and fiscal forecast on Wednesday 23 March. IFS researchers will present their initial analysis of the Chancellor's announcements on the public finances at a live-streamed press briefing the following day.
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Inequality in the labour market

Event15 March 2022 at 09:30
The availability of work with good wages and conditions makes a big difference to our material wellbeing and the kinds of lives we lead. At this online event we will look at what has been happening to inequalities in the UK’s labour market, and what the big policy challenges are going forward.

A look ahead to the Spring Statement

Event10 March 2022 at 09:30
The Spring Statement will take place against a backdrop of rising inflation, impacting living standards and the government finances alike. At this event, IFS researchers will set out their latest assessment of the economic and fiscal backdrop and some of the challenges that the Chancellor will need to consider.
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Firms, market power, innovation and inequality

Event3 March 2022 at 09:30
Firms are at the centre of our economy: they make the things we buy, set prices, invent new things and provide jobs. They also differ widely in their size, their productivity, their innovativeness, and the wages and conditions they offer. This event will address a number of key questions regarding firms and inequality.
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CIOT/IFS Online Debate: Is it time for a windfall tax?

Event1 March 2022 at 10:00
Do ‘windfall taxes’ have a place in a modern tax system? If so, what are the criteria for their use? Should the UK introduce a windfall tax now on the profits of oil and gas companies? Join our expert panel for a lively debate on this highly topical issue.
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Challenges for levelling up

Event4 February 2022 at 10:00
At this event, IFS researchers will put the Levelling Up White Paper in context by outlining the current pattern of taxes and public spending around the country and presenting new work that looks at geographic inequalities in labour market outcomes.
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Education spending: resourced for levelling up?

Event30 November 2021 at 13:30<p>Please see above for details on how to watch this event online.</p>
The next few years are likely to be particularly challenging for schools, colleges, universities and nurseries. At this event, we will examine how education spending can be best set to support levelling up and narrow inequalities.
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Why tax corporate income? (And what can go wrong when we do?)

Event29 November 2021 at 16:00<p>Please see above for details on how to watch this event online.</p>
Why do governments tax corporate profits? And what are the policy challenges associated with doing so? The lecture explores whether the burden of corporation tax falls on shareholders or workers and asks why so many large companies appear to pay so little tax.
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Early years inequalities in the wake of the pandemic

Event26 November 2021 at 10:30<p>Please see above for details on how to watch this event online.</p>
There are important inequalities in the development of children well before they start school. By forcing nurseries to close and dramatically altering the lives of most families with young children, the pandemic may have exacerbated existing inequalities and possibly created new ones.
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The economics of higher education

Event22 November 2021 at 16:00<p>Please see above for details on how to watch this event online.</p>
Why do so many young people decide to go to university? Why do governments subsidise them? Who does and who does not benefit financially from higher education? This lecture will explore these central questions in the economics of higher education in the context of recent IFS research on the financial gains to degrees in the UK.
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Health and social care: what are the challenges after COVID?

Event22 November 2021 at 13:00<p>Please see above for details on how to watch this event online.</p>
What are the likely pressures on the NHS going forward - not just from COVID-19, but also from an ageing population? How much funding might be needed to meet these? And will the government's latest reforms really be enough to 'fix' social care?
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Saving the environment: think like an economist

Event18 November 2021 at 17:00<p>Please see above for details on how to watch this event online.</p>
This interactive online workshop for A level students, led by IFS researchers, will look at how the tools of economics can be used to address big environmental issues like air pollution, rising air temperatures and traffic jams.
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What's the impact of trade on inequality?

Event17 November 2021 at 15:30Please see above for details on how to watch this event online.
The growth of international trade has had profound effects on the labour markets and even the politics of high-income countries. This online event wil
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The curse of graduating during a recession

Event15 November 2021 at 16:00
This lecture will look at what we learned from the last big economic crisis in 2008, and what it can teach us about the prospects for people graduating during Covid.
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The price we pay for carbon: can taxes take us to net zero?

Event9 November 2021 at 14:00<p>Please see above for details on how to watch this event online.</p>
Solving climate change will entail innovation, substantial behavioural change, and considerable economic cost. What is the current state of UK environmental policy, what more needs to be done, and how can we ensure a fair transition to net zero?