10 days ago the Chancellor announced the biggest package of tax cuts in 50 years. Is it sustainable? Does it do enough to help strained household finances? Will it boost growth? What does it mean for inflation and interest rates?

We will broadcast the Chancellor’s big conference speech live during this event. Enjoy our refreshments while you watch it, then hear the reactions of our panel.


  • Stuart Adam, Senior Economist, Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • Tom Clougherty, Research Director and Head of Tax, Centre for Policy Studies
  • Chris Giles, Economics Editor, Financial Times
  • Susan Ball, President, Chartered Institute of Taxation (Chair)

Anyone at the conference is welcome to attend in person without registering in advance, but please note that it will take place inside the secure zone so attendees will need conference passes. 

This debate will also be broadcast live online. Click here to register to watch live online

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