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The Institute publishes a series of 'Observations', which use our research to explain the facts behind topical policy debates. IFS staff also publish articles in a variety of national newspapers, blogs and specialist magazines to help inform the public debate.

For reports and academic publications, see our publications page.

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Latest Observations

We examine the rising cost of living, its impacts on different kinds of households, and the mitigation measures available to the government.
An initial analysis of the 2022-23 Local Government Finance Settlement finds slightly more funding than expected, and bigger increases for poorer areas.
Millions of people missed out on hospital care during the pandemic, but still haven’t come forward to join the waiting list. Where are they?

Recent newspaper articles

Newspaper article
'We haven’t had to worry much about such things for a long while. For this year at least, we need to. ' Paul Johnson in The Times on the perils of rising inflation.
Newspaper article
The United Kingdom is not the fiscal monolith it once was.
Newspaper article
'If women hadn’t become better-educated than men, we might well be looking at pay and employment gaps barely changed in the past quarter of a century.'