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The Institute publishes a series of 'Observations', which use our research to explain the facts behind topical policy debates. IFS staff also publish articles in a variety of national newspapers, blogs and specialist magazines to help inform the public debate.

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Latest Observations

In the year prior to the pandemic, nearly half of children in lone-parent families were in relative poverty – defined as having an income of less than 60% of median incomes adjusted for household size.
Due to inflation forecast errors alone, students from the poorest families will lose £100 per month in maintenance support.
Since 2010, more experienced and higher-paid workers in the NHS have experienced the largest pay cuts. This has compressed the pay distribution.

Recent newspaper articles

Newspaper article
'Pretty much everything we could have got wrong, we got wrong.' Paul Johnson on why economists failed to see inflation coming.
Newspaper article
Paul Johnson writes for the Times on the 'difficult decisions' surrounding public sector pay.
Newspaper article
"There is much to do to get childcare policy right, but let’s not mix it up with sorting out the present cost-of-living crisis." Paul Johnson writes for The Times.