Pre Budget Report and Comprehensive Spending Review 2007

Published on 9 October 2007

After each Autumn Statement, Budget and Spending Review, we publish analysis of the Chancellor's proposals and reforms.

Briefing and press release

The 2007 Pre-Budget report and Comprehensive Spending Review was presented to the House of Commons on Tuesday 9th October. IFS held a briefing on Wednesday 10th October.

Useful publications

  • This presentation was given by Carl Emmerson to the Local Government Association conference, "The Comprehensive Spending Review", London, 23rd October 2007.
  • In advance of the publication of the CSR, this briefing note examines what we already know about the CSR settlement, what remains to be announced and what this might imply for government departments and public services.

Green Budget 2007

The IFS Green Budget 2007 examined the options ahead of the March 2007 Budget. Areas covered include the fiscal policy framework, the public finances and spending plans, public sector perfomance, VAT fraud, support for couples through the tax system, environmental tax and the taxation of multinationals. The Green Budget was carried out in collaboration with Morgan Stanley and includes their analysis of the economic outlook and funding and debt management.

The UK tax system and the environment

A new IFS report (November 2006) examines in depth the current system of green taxes in place in the UK, their design and effectiveness, and looks at the recent history of green tax revenues and greenhouse gas emissions.

IFS 2005 Election analysis

Throughout the election campaign IFS provided an analysis of public policy issues related to the parties' proposals and to the record of the Labour government since 1997. This analysis drew on past and current research across a number of areas and a series of Election briefing notes were published.

Poverty and inequality

The Pensions Act 2007

An IFS Commentary Pensioner poverty over the next decade: what role for tax and benefit reform? (July 2007) looks at the prospects for pensioner poverty in England over the next decade. A newspaper article (August 2006) examines the proposed changes to state pensions and assesses who will win and who will lose from their implementation.