Pre-Budget Report 2004

Published on 2 December 2004

After each Autumn Statement, Budget and Spending Review, we publish analysis of the Chancellor's proposals and reforms.


The Chancellor made his Pre-Budget statement on Thursday 2nd December. IFS held a briefing on the following day, Friday 3rd December.

Slides from the briefing can be downloaded here:

Press releases

IFS put out two press releases, covering the public finances and the government's announcements on childcare strategy.

Green Budget 2004

The IFS Green Budget 2004 examines the Chancellor's options for the Budget. Areas covered include the public finances and spending plans, the case for converging income tax with National Insurance, a discussion of distributional analysis, child poverty, company taxation, the taxation of housing and how to measure public sector performance.

Public finances

Support for children

  • Recent work, funded by the Joseph Rowntree foundation, examines the effects this government's policies to support children have had on the incentives for parents to work.
  • Ongoing work by IFS analyses the progress the government has made towards its goal to abolish child poverty.
  • An article by Mike Brewer on the FT's PBR wish list summarises the government's progress on the child poverty reduction.

Productivity and business

A new briefing note looks at how the government could move forward in supporting innovation and technology transfer. Another recent piece of work, undertaken with funding from the Advanced Institute of Management, considers recent trends in specialisation, outsourcing and offshoring of business services.