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IFS at the Royal Economic Society conference


The Royal Economic Society conference 2015 was held in Manchester between 30 March and 1 April and was co-organised by James Banks (IFS and Manchester). In addition to the usual programme of outstanding keynote lectures and special sessions, this year’s conference featured a number of sessions celebrating the 125th Anniversary of The Economic Journal (EJ) and launched the anniversary edition of the journal. IFS’s Rachel Griffith is a managing editor of the journal and the EJ office is currently based at IFS.

IFS sponsored one of the EJ 125th anniversary special sessions on ‘The taxation of savings’. The session was chaired and organised by Richard Blundell with papers from Alan Auerbach (Berkeley and IFS International Research Fellow) and Mikhail Golosov (Princeton). Watch a recording of the session here:

Additional presentations by and sessions involving IFS staff and associates included:

30 March

  • Rachel Griffith (IFS and Manchester) chairing ‘Behavioural economics and public policy’
  • Imran Rasul (IFS and UCL), ‘Extrinsic and intrinsic motivations for tax compliance: evidence from a field experiment in Germany’
  • Claire Crawford (IFS and Warwick), chairing ‘UK early years policy’
  • Sarah Cattan (IFS), ‘The impact of Sure Start on cognitive achievement’
  • Bansi Malde (IFS) chairing ‘Development economics: credit markets and insurance’
  • Bansi Malde (IFS), ‘Network structure and risk sharing in extended family networks’
  • James Banks (IFS and Manchester), ‘Labour economics: retirement and pensions’
  • Claire Crawford (IFS and Warwick) chairing ‘Labour economics: returns to education I’
  • Jack Britton (IFS), ‘Conditional cash transfers: a dynamic structural model of post-compulsory education decisions’
  • Sarah Cattan (IFS) chairing ‘Public economics: health I’
  • Jonathan Shaw (IFS) chairing ‘Public economics: taxation I’
  • Jonathan Shaw (IFS), ‘How long-lasting are the effect of audits?’
  • Orazio Attanasio (IFS and UCL) chairing ‘Harrod and Ramsey on Growth’ (Economic Journal special session)
  • Orazio Attanasio (IFS and UCL), ‘Frank Ramsey's mathematical theory of saving’

31 March

  • James Banks (IFS and Manchester) chairing ‘Econometrics: panel data’
  • Richard Blundell (IFS and UCL), chairing ‘The taxation of savings(Economic Journal special session)

1 April

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