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Jonathan Cribb

IFS researchers present at Office of Manpower Economics conference


IFS researchers Jonathan Cribb and Professor Richard Disney presented papers at the Office of Manpower Economics Conference: 'Research on public sector pay' on Thursday 21 Spetember 2017, along with a number of other organisations. The presentations can be found here....

21 September 2017

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Social care – a step forwards or a step backwards?


Yesterday, the Conservative Party proposed changes to the rules governing who is eligible for government funding for social care, and backed away from a lifetime cap on care costs. In this observation, we discuss those changes and lay out their potential effects. Taking the population of people in their 70s in England we estimate that, on becoming in need of care in their own home, 12-17% would be eligible for state support under current rules but would not be eligible under the new rules proposed by the Conservatives. Others would find they needed to use more of their own wealth to fund the costs of care in their home before the state stepped in.

19 May 2017

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Public sector pay in the next parliament


This briefing note analyses the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat plans for public sector pay, and what the implications of their policies are for the public sector.

19 May 2017