IFS Retirement Savings Consortium 2016-18

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Individual mortality expectations


We document evidence on individual expectations of survival to older age and implications of survival "pessimism" for economic behaviour.

29 June 2017

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Would you rather? Further increases in the state pension age v abandoning the triple lock


On Tuesday afternoon MPs in the House of Commons will debate the recent report by the Work and Pensions Select Committee on “intergenerational fairness”. This argued that triple lock indexation of the state pension should not continue beyond 2020 and pointed out that, for a given amount of spending on the state pension, there is a trade-off between the level of the state pension and the state pension age. This observation uses projections from the Office for Budget Responsibility to quantify this trade-off.

27 February 2017

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Automatic enrolment: the story so far


This presentation was given at the launch of the report 'What happens when employers are obliged to nudge? Automatic enrolment and pension saving in the UK'.

17 November 2016