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Saving lives by tying hands: the unexpected effects of constraining health care providers

Working Paper

The emergency department (ED) is a complex node of healthcare delivery that is facing market and regulatory pressure across developed economies to reduce wait times. In this paper we study how ED doctors respond to such incentives, by focusing on a landmark policy in England that imposed strong incentives to treat ED patients within four hours.

29 March 2018

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NHS services in the face of increasing demand - what does it mean for patients?

Event 11 September 2017 at 10:00 <p>12 Great George Street, Parliament Square,&nbsp;London,&nbsp;SW1P 3AD</p>
This event is the first in a series of events taking place over the next year that will present new IFS research on how the NHS has responded to increases in patient demand in recent years, and what this means for patient health.