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The effects of entry on incumbent innovation and productivity


How does firm entry affect innovation incentives and productivity growth in incumbent firms? Micro-data suggests that there is heterogeneity across industries - incumbents in technologically advanced industries react positively to entry, but not in laggard industries.

1 October 2005

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Competition and growth: reconciling theory and evidence

In Competition and Growth, Philippe Aghion and Rachel Griffith offer the first serious attempt to provide a unified and coherent account of the effect competition policy and deregulated entry have on economic growth.

1 August 2005

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Entry and productivity growth: evidence from micro-level panel data

Journal article

How does entry affect productivity growth of incumbents? In this paper we exploit policy reforms in the United Kingdom that changed entry conditions by opening up the U.K. economy during the 1980s and panel data on British establishments to shed light on this question.

13 October 2004