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HMRC letter

Mirrlees Review of tax system published

Press Release
In the deepest and most far reaching analysis of the UK tax system in more than 30 years, the Mirrlees Review puts the case for radical tax reform.

14 September 2011


Tax by design

Tax by Design presents a picture of coherent tax reform whose aim is to identify the characteristics of a good tax system.

13 September 2011


Dimensions of Tax Design

Dimensions of Tax Design, volume one of the Mirrlees Review, analyses the different aspects and characteristics of the tax system.

13 September 2010

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Corporate tax harmonisation in Europe: a guide to the debate


This report aims to shed some light on the complex issues that surround this debate. Topics addressed include recent trends in corporate tax systems, costs imposed by having diverse national corporate taxes within Europe, proposals for limited co-ordination of corporate income taxes within the EU and more ambitious options for corporate tax harmonisation.

1 May 2000