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IFS WP2022 Managing retirement incomes

Managing retirement incomes

Working Paper
In this paper we discuss the state of the literature relating to the decumulation of retirement wealth and the management of retirement incomes.

14 January 2022

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International differences in interspousal health correlations

Journal article

Using objective measures of lung function, we document strong positive associations in health within couples in all European countries but large and significant differences in this correlation within broad European regions, with Southern Europe having by far stronger correlations than elsewhere.

1 May 2021

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Mortality Inequality in England over the Past 20 Years

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In this paper, we study the evolution of age-group- and gender-specific mortality and mortality inequality in England between 2003 and 2016, by comparing small geographic areas ranked by deprivation and grouped into bins of similar population size.

29 April 2021

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The mental health effects of the first two months of lockdown during the COVID‐19 pandemic in the UK

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In this paper, we estimate the effects of the COVID‐19 pandemic on mental health in the UK. We use longitudinal micro data for the UK over the period 2009–20 to control for pre‐existing trends in mental health and construct individual‐specific counterfactual predictions for April 2020, against which the COVID‐19 mental health outcomes can be assessed.

30 November 2020