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Jeremy Hunt

Autumn Statement 2023 response

Higher inflation has boosted tax revenues. Rather than compensate public services, or bank the spoils, the Chancellor decided to cut taxes.

22 November 2023

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The stealth tax rise

We look at the impact that freezing tax thresholds has on the tax people pay.

6 April 2023

Private Jet

How to tax the rich?

We talk non-doms, offshore trusts, capital gains and wealth taxes in a quest to answer the question: how should we tax the wealthy?

24 February 2023

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Tax and top incomes

Event 7 April 2022 at 14:30
The source of top incomes, who gets them and how they are taxed is important for understanding inequalities. How have top incomes and their source been changing over time? Who is in the top 1% - are they employees, or business owners or rentiers? How much tax do the top pay and should they pay more?

Top income inequality and tax policy

Book Chapter
Concerns about how much income ‘the rich’ have, the activities from which it is derived, and how much tax is paid on it are central to debates about inequality.

7 April 2022